Workshop 1: Financial Runway during Economic Downturns

Part 1: Digital vs Digital Transformation
1. The need for digital strategy and transformation
2. What is digital?
3. What is digital transformation? (vs traditional transformation)
4. KPMG’s point of view on Digital transformation
5. Connecting front – middle – back office
6. Connected Enterprise Concept explained
7. Overview on the 8 capabilities of the future
Part 2: Fund raising during COVID-19/difficult time
1. Considerations for capital raising during difficult time
a. Potential impacts of COVID-19 on companies and investors & What stories to sell
b. Which product/structure to consider: Equity vs debt or hybrid
2. View from an Investor/Fund
3. Chat with OnPoint’s founder on their recent Series A fund raising
Part 3: Financial management – Preparation your data & understand your financial numbers for fund raising:
4. How the Company’s Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting (PBF) activities support the management in making decision of and prepare for their financial numbers which take into consideration:
a. Distressed (e.g. Covid-19 impact, expense cut or spending priority,…)
b. Expansion/growth via M&A
5. The importance of data preparation to support analysis of the company’s performance by different dimensions, monitor its financial performance & prepare data for Investor (BI)
6. Automation solutions for PBF and BI

Workshop 2: Build your Business Case

1. Customers are changing (external & internal)
a. Customers are more connected, demanding and empowered
b. Customers expect consistent experiences across industries
c. Customers are creating waves of disruptive change
d. Leaders striving for growth are putting customers first
2. Connected enterprise framework recap
3. Case studies on the 8 capabilities of the future
a. Insights driven
b. Innovative service and products
c. Experience centricity by design
d. Responsive operations & supply chains
e. Seamless interaction and commerce
f. Aligned and empowered workforce
g. Digitally enabled technology architecture
h. Integrated partnership / building
4. Where to start with digital transformation?
a. Readiness of Digital transformation in Vietnam
b. What is the approach to digital transformation? Examples & Case studies
c. Where do the priorities lay?
d. Introduction of KPMG Powered Enterprise and CRM

Workshop 3: Change Management in Digital Organization

Part 1 - Major trends impacting the HR function - Understanding disruptive trends
1. Top of Mind: Exercise to assist with understanding key client priorities and challenges
2. Future of HR POV
a. Role of HR in the 21st Century Enterprise
b. Disruptions impacting HR
c. HR Operating Model of the Future
d. How do we get there?
3. “Priming” Exercise: Exercise to assist the client to align understandings on the areas that will be focused on in the session. For example, this may be a target operating model exercise, maturity model discussion, or focused activity.
4. Bringing the Future of HR to life: View relevant stories and discuss applicability
a. Workforce Shaping: Demonstrates how to predict the tasks and roles in organizations that will be impacted by industry specific technologies, using the organization’s inherent workforce signatures to build a path to shape the future workforce to mitigate this impact and thrive against the disruption.
b. Workforce Experience: Showcases how organizations can adapt to the changing workforce expectations by leverage qualitative and quantitative signals, machine learning and knowledge graphs, visualizing relationship and solving strategic challenges.
c. Workforce Delivery/Powered: Demonstrates how to utilize deep industry and process knowledge to accelerate an organization’s transition to cloud through leading practices, pre-defined operating models, well-established technology solutions, and a future-ready delivery framework
Part 2: What can you do tomorrow? - Envision the future by putting it all together
Facilitated exercises like the following sample exercises:
1. Roadmap and Prioritizing Opportunities + Next Steps Exercise: Revisit content created across all discussions throughout the Future of HR Experience Day. Action Planning outlining near term 100 days and next 12-24 months outlining potential ideas. Bubble up to key opportunity areas. Classify as short, medium or long term opportunities.
2. What will you do tomorrow? Share what will be done differently starting immediately in their organization.

Workshop 4: Process Design and Automation in ERP Implementation

1. Experience sharing about successful digital adoption
a. Things to know about Digital & Technology Adoption
b. Critical success factor for a successful digital transformation
c. Case study for a fail and success project
2. Presentation and demonstration of a ERP throughout its value chain
a. Customer Services
b. Business Management
c. Supply Chain and Manufacturing Management
d. Financial and Accounting Management
e. Governance Report
3. Presentation and demonstration of digital solutions in business operation
a. Innovation-as-a-Service model introduction
b. Presentation and demonstration of digital solutions in business operation – a clear choice

Oversea immersion trip

Tentative location: Hong Kong
Tentative agenda: Visit Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Invest Hong Kong, KPMG Hong Kong Client Companies and attend workshops at KPMG Hong Kong office,…