The importance of Corporate Strategy

With ever-increasing customer expectations, rapid market & technological change, disruptions from new entrants, increasing levels of regulation & reputational risk, along-side ever greater shareholder scrutiny on performance, business leaders are being forced to continually re-evaluate their operational strategy and ask themselves the key question as to whether they are organized in the optimal way to deliver their business strategy and maximize shareholder value. This cannot be done without a structured approach to identify, prioritize and implement changes to the operating model and refinements of strategic targets.

Voice of Customer - Market Capability

Technology has changed the way businesses engage with their customers. The high-level of personalization digital marketing technology now affords businesses, sets high expectations among customers for how they will be treated at every touchpoint. To create brand advocates and generate customer loyalty, while increasing average order value, businesses must deliver on their brand promise or risk the wrath of the digitally empowered consumer. Smart businesses implement processes, data & analytics, to match customer experience with expectation, while aligning with commercial realities.

Supply Chain Optimization

Nowadays, Vietnamese businesses are challenged with increased competition (domestically and from foreign entrants), increased business complexity, increased operational cost and more demanding customers. Companies don’t compete with just Competitors anymore, but the Company’s Supply Chain is competing with Competitor’s Supply Chain. Supply Chain Management is a relatively “new” area in this market that will help Companies create competitive advantage if the internal and external Supply Chain is optimized.

Organization Design for Performance (ODP)

“Organizations should be designed to achieve their target performance results and aligned with their business strategies”. More than ever before, businesses are facing challenges to maintain an agile organization structure with the right talents and overall workforce productivity to stay ahead of the curve. ODP enables organizations to realize desired performance outcomes by working through a four phased method to identify and design both the requisite structures and the critical supporting organizational elements that enable people to perform highly in their roles and teams.

Oversea immersion trip

The culmination of the program is an oversea immersion trip combined with a workshop, allowing entrepreneurs to be fully immersed in an entrepreneurial ecosystem by hearing from leading experts, visiting typical private business in that country as well as having a fantastic networking opportunity with various successful entrepreneurs.