Customer Service Improvement

Value means different things to different people: reputation, financial performance, shareholder returns, customer satisfaction and loyalty, social good, balancing budgets, stability and agility to name a few. The 9 Levers of Value represent the key elements of an organization’s financial, business and operating model that CEOs and executives can pull when designing and implementing strategy. The framework and approach can be applied at the corporate strategy level or within the portfolio at the business unit level. It works for international and national organizations, large and small, private, public and not-for-profit. This framework is designed to bring a greater focus and a deeper level of understanding of the dynamics between all 9 Levers of Value, providing leaders with increased visibility and control through planning and execution.

Finance for Management

Nowadays, Vietnamese businesses are challenged with increased competition (domestically and from foreign entrants), increased business complexity, increased operational cost and more demanding customers. To become the market leaders, businesses need to define how enterprise performance management is important for enterprises and organic/ in-organic growth: Capital raising; M&A, partnership & alliances.

Plan to Success

Technology has changed the way businesses engage with their success. Achieving digital transformation isn’t driven by mastery of the technologies, but by the ability to articulate the value of digital technologies to an organisation’s future. A clear digital strategy, backed by leaders who can foster a culture of embracing change, is critical to the digital reimagining of an organisation.

Oversea immersion trip

The culmination of the program is an oversea immersion trip combined with a workshop, allowing entrepreneurs to be fully immersed in an entrepreneurial ecosystem by hearing from leading experts, visiting typical private business in that country as well as having a fantastic networking opportunity with various successful entrepreneurs.